Just Simply Nutritional - Nutritional Counseling and Education Services
Our Services
Our services include private counseling sessions for children or adults as well as group meetings for employers who want to improve employee’s overall health.
Weight Management Programs
These programs can be short term or and long term programs with maintenance sessions to help achieve the desired weight loss without weight loss surgery.  This would also involve your daily caloric needs based on your basal metabolic rate.   
Nutritional Education
Our educational programs include diabetes, metabolic disorders, thyroid disease, heart healthy, cardiac disease, hypertension, high cholesterol, gastrointestinal complications and diseases, pre and post bariatric surgery, renal, Celiac's disease, cancer, food allergies, eating disorders; vitamin, mineral and nutrient deficiencies, pregnancy, and sports nutrition.   
Grocery Store Shopping
We can take you right to the source and teach how to choose healthier foods.  This would include selecting wholesome produce and protein sources, reading foods labels and understanding the ingredients in food products.
Meal Planning
Better nutrition begins by planning meals.  We can design meals for one day or several days based on your needs and food preferences.   
Phone and On-line Support
Our phone and on-line services make it easier for indviduals who lead busy lives.  You will still receive the same quality of service as you would if you were physically at the office.
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